NBA 球员的日常饮食是怎样的?


However, I sneak in some unhealthy food to treat myself for several times. And my favorite one is Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. I really fall in love with the one with the cookie. As an athlete, I should keep my healthy diet most time. But a small award of hard work is nothing bad.

When I was drafted in 2015, I was eating at least 5,000 calories and downing around three steaks a day. However, I changed my diet completely now. The stuff I know now—I didn’t know 10 percent of it back then. My whole life has been about trying to put on weight because I’m so skinny, but at the same time, I used to eat five or six meals a day, and I would just feel sloppy. You’re eating so much that your body is digesting food all the time, and you don’t really have energy. I’ve changed that. I’m still having a lot of calories, but my diet now is low-carb and high-protein.

I eat three times a day, big meals, and give myself more time in between each one. I’ll have a coffee in the morning first thing, before I work out. I’m fasting in the morning, and that’s really gotten my energy levels up. I’ll have my first meal around noon. That will be high in protein and good fats, and very low in carbs—sometimes even no carbs. Avocado or salmon, tuna, all that kind of stuff. After that, I’ll have my second meal around 3:00 or 4:00. It’s kind of the same stuff—maybe a few more carbs. At night, I’ll have a similar meal. I’ll take vitamins and supplements on top of that. No sugars, and almost no dairy products.

Thanks for inviting and translation from my Chinese friend. My diet has changed dramatically since I entered NBA and I’m glad to share it with you.